Future is written
Until now, every text has either been written by hand, or typeset with a font. With Grammato, we’re introducing a third approach, combining the best of both worlds: beautiful, infinitely smooth written text, where text keeps its semantics. Grammato is built on standard technologies, so it just works everywhere. Wherever you’ve only been using fonts, you can now use Grammato: in apps, social media, videos, interfaces, devices, operating systems, everywhere! ¶ Please contact us, and we’ll help make your product write the way you do.

We love to write
Wir lieben das Schreiben
Wij houden van schrijven
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Case Studies

1. Dynamic movie titles
Like static fonts, but then animated.
Dynamically generate fluently animated movie titles, without any limitation to the amount of languages, for ultimate global entertainment distribution.
2. Devices: Grammatographer
Every second is written in time.
Because Grammato is based on standard OpenType technology, it can effortlessly be used for any app on every platform or device.
3. Educational Apps: That’s Write
Learning to write was never that simple.
Education has changed during the past centuries. With Grammato it is possible to teach how a letter is written.
4. Social Media
Write and share
Introducing the written word in social media.
5. Operating Systems: macOS / Windows / Android / iOS
The dream of the writing machine
Say hello to machines that can truly write.
6. Playing with Letters
Expand your notion of writing.
Just like with a cello or a guitar, you can also play with a letter.
The abc of Grammato

a. The dream of Writing
As long as we have had hands, we’ve used them for writing. And ever since we built the first machines, we’ve wanted them to be able to write as evocatively as we can. Look at the painstaking writing of The Writer1, a writing automaton built in 1770 by the famous French watchmaker Jaquet-Droz, or the infamous first words scrawled passionately across the screen of the first Macintosh in 1984: insanely great2. ¶ The Mac and The Writer were definitely insanely great for their time, despite their rather rudimentary writing skills. Technology has improved in the meantime but the writing machine, a machine which can really write, has remained a dream. Until today.

Six different writing fonts. OpenType Variable Font, using Higher Order Interpolation. Note the artificial variable ink bleed.
b. Understanding Letters
With Grammato your machines can now write as beautifully as you do; maybe even more so. But beauty is only one aspect of Grammato, communication is another. Since the introduction of Unicode, it is possible to communicate fluently with people in almost any language using the available scripts. With global communication it has become even more apparent that some scripts (like Chinese) are more difficult to understand than others. ¶ One major reason for that is the missing information in fonts. For Chinese for example, the stroke order and stroke direction is as important for the learning, understanding and memorization of a character, as is the static shape of the completed character. Grammato can add such information directly into the font-file, so that the user of the font can access this information and employ this knowledge. In this way Grammato is providing new ways to learn reading and writing.

c. Grammatography
But the significance of Grammato goes even further. By introducing a completely new notion of writing — grammatography, the writing with letters — it above all provides a new perspective on one of humanity’s quintessential activities: the act of writing. ¶ Until today, we only had two forms of writing: writing by hand (like with a pen or brush) and writing with fonts (when we use a keyboard). In the case of the former, writing by hand provides us with a broad range of personal expression while in the latter, the use of a keyboard makes communication more effective. ¶ With grammatography both attributes are combined: thought & expression can be transcribed at the same time. And while grammatography may therefore change our notions of writing, one thing remains unchanged…

Future is written.

A typewriter is a means of transcribing thought, not expressing it.

Marshall McLuhan
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